My life-long goal… er, 3-year-long-goal.

I don’t live in Detroit.

This is a problem. Due to the fact that i live 2.5 hours away (2 hours when I am driving….) I usually have to limit going to games about once a month. Which, i believe to be sinful. If baseball was around when Jesus walked the Earth, I’m sure he would’ve mentioned that once or twice. Told Paul to write about baseball, tell people going to games only once a month is not right. I think Jesus likes baseball……. let’s bring back my point…

My point is: Friday is my game for July. For the past 3 season, since 2006, I have counted every 5 days on my calender in hopes of seeing Justin Verlander start a game.  This has failed miserably. I have seen Galarraga pitch 5 times in less than a year.

But, Friday, Oh sweet wonderful Friday, I will FINALLY see Justin Brooks Verlander pitch.

Then all I have left to hope for is meeting the man properly. No more of this leaving our autograph line 5 minutes early and giving me sass, No more telling me he needs to work out, NO MORE Dramatically reaching out towards me… NONE OF IT!

Because, It is my goal in life to have a picture with Justin Verlander that does NOT look like this:Me, Justy, Tigerfest

Curse you, Flash!

The Epic Saga of Armando

One fantastically long name for you all:

Armando Antonio Barreto Galarraga.

How can you not love someone with a name as epic as that?!

And how could you hate a face like that?


Last night He pitched 7.1 innings, and only gave up one run! 


Friends, this is rather impressive seeing as we’ve just been through 2 months of suckage with sweet, tender Gala. Just about a month ago, Armando couldn’t even get out of the first inning with these same A’s, and last night he dominated them, only giving up 2 little hits!  Forgive my sunny outlook kids,  but Armanda Antonio Barreto Galarraga is BACK! Just forget about all those walks he had today…. 

Bran Dan has reached 52 RBI’s on the season, which is more than he had all season in 08. And there are still 3 plump-juicy months left to go!

Peanut-head Polanco had 3 RBI’s tonight… did you know he has the best BA against the A’s? Also, he provides us with the best interviews:

Mickey York: Not only do you play well against the A’s, you play well in this park!
Polly: Well every time we play in this park, we play the A’s.

He’s got a point.

I gotta say, I’m dreading this weekend’s series with the Twins. If we don’t take 2 of 3, our lead in the central could be sucked away.  Sucked away like the power of a Oreck Vaccuum. 

Did you know Oreck Vaccuum’s have “the sucking power of a catagory two hurricane”!?!  I just learned that from the Television.  That seems rather intense for a carpet, doesn’t it? 

Another thing i dread about the playing the Twins is looking at their horrendous, hiedously ugly ballpark. From the astro turf, to the garbage-bag outfield,  to the fact that FOOTBALL is played there, It’s awful. What ballpark do you guys hate the most? 

To explain a bit on the name of the blog, I’m writing this Blog at 5:17 AM.  I imagine that MOST of these blogs will be written in the wee small hours of the morning, thanks to my working 3rd shift, hence the name.

But at the crack of dawn, Justin Brooks Verlander will be pitching for us. I’ll have to set my alarm and wake at at the ungodly hour of 3:00 PM, you just don’t miss a Verlander start, because it’s a strong possibility he’s gonna throw another no hitter. TODAY. You heard it here first. 

Super Fantastic Awesome Non-Related Baseball player of the day worthy of my SQUEE: 


Here Goes Nothing!

Welcome! This is my first attempt at bloggin’ it up.  Why not write about the love of my of my life? 

Curse you,  Time Zones!!  Curse you, Pacific Time and your 3 hours behind-ness!! Curse you, Oakland with your strike outs, and your football stadium, and…..your… garlic…fries….. Yeah! Take that!

To be honest, I don’t mind the late starts,  Not only does It give me something entertaining to do at work during 3rd shift,  I’m a youngin’! I’m a ball of energy and joy!

If you couldn’t stay up to watch the game last night, you didn’t miss much.  Top of the lineup, Grandy, Polly, and Cabby had a combined ONE hit between them.  & For the first time this season, Little Ricky  didn’t strike out ANY batters.  But you know who did strike out? The Tigers. A lot of Tigers….

But, Gerald ‘G-Money’ Laird had the lone RBI. You knew his nickname was G-Money, right? Thanks to Rod Allen, we all know his nickname is G-Money. Don’t worry if you ever forget that G-Money is Gerald’s nickname, Rod will be sure to repeat the story about finding out the nickname, G-Money about 70 more times within the month….       I wonder how that nickname originated?  Obviously The G comes from his name. And… he has money?  Why did they go with money? G-Checkbook sounds kinda catchy. G-Credit! G-Debit! G-Money Order! 

On a fun note, according to ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Our own gimpy little Brandon Inge has had the most Web Gems so far this season! Did you know Brandon has a nickname, too? According to the Closed Captioning on my television, It’s Bran-Dan Inge.   I’d like to think it’s because of his heavy Bran Flakes intake.  

Bran Dan may not play today, seeing as he has been a bit gimpy since Sunday in Houston.  But Galarraga will be playing! His 5.65 ERA looks so slender compared to the A’s Gio Gonzales’ hefty 8.03.  We’ll see what our offense will do with it. 

On a completley unrelated note, Tim Lincecum pitched a complete game, and only gave up 2 hits!   Just thought i would let you all know that Tim Lincecum is super awesome fantastic. 

Hope you all can stay up tonight! Happy Napping!